Ageing is… colourful! – Six suggestions for differentiating our views on ageing

Younger and older people are more similar than we expect: they hardly differ in how creative, energetic or wise they feel. Further, the scientific DFG network Images of Aging found that the views and expectations on ageing significantly interact with people’s behaviour, health and development over their entire life span. However, age discrimination is common, not only in work domain, but also in healthcare. This is particularly alarming, since it often goes unnoticed because negative age stereotypes are deeply internalised. At the same time, the number of business founders over 55 years of age is increasing, and the economically significant engagement of people who have reached retirement age, for example, in voluntary engagement and childcare, often receives too little attention.

This lecture by Prof. Dr. Verena Klusmann-Weißkopf, Professor for Health Promotion and Prevention at Furtwangen University, will present a white paper by 41 co-authors that provides six suggestions for differentiating our views on aging.

The event is organised by Population Europe with the support of the Förderfonds Wissenschaft in Berlin. It is part of the digital event series The Future of Our Living Together – Tuesday Dialogues of the Einstein Center Population Diversity”, connected with the Einstein Center Population Diversity in Berlin, which will open in spring 2024. It aims to bring together top-level researchers working on this topic for the first time in a joint institution, and contribute to the international visibility of research conducted in Germany. 

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