EUROSEN defines new ‘Clusters of Local Culture’ for local economic and social development

Eurosen logo The EUROSEN – Europe for Seniors project pursues a twofold objective:

  • an economic one, which is to strengthen the European tourism industry with a specific focus on the micro, small and medium enterprises,
  • a social one, which is to foster the active life of senior citizens by involving them in touristic initiatives both as travelers and as hosts of the visiting guests.

To reach its economical aim, the project works with small villages, rich in natural and cultural diversity, and supports them to attract visitors from well-known and close destinations. To reach its social goal, EUROSEN wants to engage the tourists in recreational activities that follow local traditions. This concept is referred to as ‘Clusters of Local Culture’

AGE has contributed to the task in coordinating the analysis of potential tourists’ needs and preferences, which has informed the definition of those Clusters. You can find a summary of the survey, which involved 780 respondents from all over Europe, in this document: EUROSEN – Short summary of the analysis on seniors preferences.

Thanks to these findings, the consortium has fine-tuned the foreseen tours and holiday packages and will soon deliver fully operational trips in Slovenia (Ilirska Bistrica), Austria (Werfenweng), Romania (a set of villages near Bucarest) and Italy (Castanese area, near Milan). More information will be soon available, via the project website and the first newsletter, which will be launched once the tourist packages is completed. A different, sustainable and culturally meaningful holiday might be nice idea for alternative Christmas gifts!

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