European Year 2010

2010 European Year for Combating Poverty


General information

Please find below background information and official documents on the 2010 European Year of Fight Against Poverty and Social Exclusion:

This note aims to highlight the various ways for stakeholders to get engaged and create synergies with the common European campaign.
Please note that this vademecum is designed primarily for European level activities and actions. Support for national activities is broadly similar, but requests should be addressed to National Implementing Bodies primarily.

Launched at the European conference ‘Poverty between reality and perceptions: the communication challenge’ on 29 September 2009, Brussels

AGE and its Members’ activities

This section presents bacground notes, positions or any other relevant information produced by AGE and its national members with regard to preparation and implemetnation of the 2010 Euroepan Year:

  • AGE message to mark the launch of the EY 2010 – GUARANTEE DECENT LIFE AND RESPECT HUMAN DIGNITY IN OLD AGE!

AGE members believe that this European Year should not only help raise public awareness about various poverty and social exclusion risks, but also make pressure on national and EU policy-makers to bring concrete legislative proposals, for example a framework directive on minimum income.

To mark the launch of the Year in Madrid, AGE members addressed their demands to the national governments and the European Commission, asking in particular for:

Adequate minimum income to protect the most vulnerable older people;

Minimum pension budget standards to combat both monetary poverty and address overall social inclusion in old age;

National targets for poverty reduction by age and gender;

Direct focus on older people’s poverty in national social inclusion strategies;

Gender equality in retirement preventing older women to fail in poverty;

Support to the most vulnerable older people to claim their rights;

– Employment measures combating in-work poverty;

Quality standards for health and long-term care services.

To read the full version of AGE call, please see:

(EN), (FR), (DE), (PL)


  • Social NGOs Coalition on EY 2010

AGE is also part of a broader coalition of social NGOs active in fighting poverty and social exclusion, led by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN). The NGOs coalition intends build better understanding and support for the individual objectives formulated for the Year by its members, drive forward their key projects, as well as build alliances with other actors to ensure a successful 2010.

In order to make a Europe for all and end poverty, the members of the NGOs coalition are calling for:

  • A public debate on the causes of poverty and social exclusion;
  • Enhanced dialogue with people in poverty and anti-poverty NGOs;
  • A strong political legacy from 2010;
  • Funding to match the EU Commitments to fight poverty and social exclusion.

With this common front, the NGOs coalition intends to mobilise as many as possible actors among governments, public institutions, private sector, civil society representations and ordinary people across Europe to take active role in the eradication of poverty. For AGE and other social NGOs, 2010 must show that there is a strong political commitment to build a Social Europe and End Poverty.

For the full version of the common message:

Coalition shared message

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