EU Trio’s Focus: Innovation, inclusion, democracy, partnership

From 1st July 2023, Spain has taken over the Presidency of the EU until the end of the year. It also marks the beginning of a new EU Presidency Trio made up of Spain, Belgium, and Hungary.



Building upon the achievements made by previous presidencies, Spain, Belgium, and Hungary will work together to find common solutions to the challenges and tasks ahead. Until 31st December 2024, the priorities of the Trio remain dedicated to driving the green and digital transition forward, while reinforcing the EU’s global competitiveness. Their primary focus will be to ensure this transition is fair and inclusive by enhancing the social dimension of the EU, including by addressing EU’s demographic change.

To support EU’s interests and values in the world, the three consecutive presidencies will also promote an assertive EU stance in upholding the UN Charter, international law, respect for and the protection and fulfilment of human rights for all, respect for labour rights, and democratic values in multilateral fora.

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