EU project rewrites classic tales for intergenerational learning

AGE member ZDUS – Slovenian Federation of Pensioners Association, is a partner in an Erasmus+ project called Twisted Tales, run by the Slovenian Institute for Transmedia Design (ITD) with partnerships from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Twisted Tales is an entertaining and teaching universe of audio fairy tales, offering a creative learning playground for children, teachers, and families. The aim of the project is to teach children to think differently about diversity, social values, and gender roles, and to encourage creative and meaningful conversations between parents, grandparents, educators and children.

Fairy tales with a contemporary twist for children of the present

Twisted Tales rewrites well-known classic fairy tales, such as Cinderella, offering lessons about love, empathy, and understanding for a world free from bias and stigma. Through carefully thought-out reinterpretations of fairy tales, the project aims to teach children empathy as well as assertiveness. Each reinterpreted fairy tale addresses a different theme, such as physical or mental impairment, gender roles etc., in a gentle and comprehensible way.

You can listen to 7 Twisted Tales here or you can download the Twisted Tales mobile app, aimed at children aged 6 to 12, but uses appropriate language for younger and older children.

The app, designed in collaboration with psychologists and educators, will soon release a new feature that will give children the possibility to create their own twisted tale, allowing them to explore their creativity by adding their own twists.

To download the app: → iOS → Android

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