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AGE Campaign for the 2014 European elections

Read here AGE Special Briefing on outcome, next steps and AGE future action

In the framework of the 2014 EU elections which will define the composition of the new European Parliament and European Commission, AGE is running a campaign to raise public and political awareness of the need to take effective overarching measures to promote age-friendly environments at EU level and mobilize seniors’ organisations across Europe to get actively involved in those elections at national levels.

To this end, AGE has drafted a Manifesto for the European Parliament elections 2014 (French version here) which was officially launched at a European Parliament event hosted by MEP Claude Moraes on 5 November (a report of this event will be soon available on this page). AGE EP Manifesto proposes a series of actions in the fields of non-discrimination, social protection, health, accessibility, employment, research and the fight against elder abuse with a view to create an Age-Friendly European Union.

AGE has also launched a blog ‘Towards an Age-friendly European Parliament (towardsanagefriendlyep.com) to support the campaign. This blog aims at becoming a hub on AGE campaign, presenting in greater details AGE Manifesto, gathering commitments from candidate MEPs, testimonies from older Europeans, training material on EU citizenship and news from all over Europe about on-going campaigns for the elections. This blog will serve as an interactive and comprehensive tool to discuss and share information on issues of concern for older persons in Europe.

The Manifesto is available in

Read more in AGE press release

Read the event’s report

A few days prior to the launch event, an interview of MEP Moraes had been issued in the Parliament Magazine, which can be read following this link.

A video of MEP Lambert Van Nistelrooij (Christian Democrats for the Netherlands) and Anne-Sophie Parent, AGE Secretary-General, explaining the role of the European Parliament in addressing the ageing challenge in Europe and presenting AGE Manifesto can be viewed here.

A Policy Booklet based on AGE Manifesto presents AGE Recommendations to the new EU leaders of the European Parliament and the European Commission. It contains three main parts:

  • Part 1 – AGE Manifesto for the European Parliament elections 2014 (February 2014)
  • Part 2 – AGE Questions to be asked to the candidate President of the European Commission (June 2014)
  • Part 3 – AGE recommendations and questions to the candidate Commissioners (expected in September 2014)

For any question on this campaign, you may contact Ophélie Durand, AGE EP Liaison Officer, at ophelie.durand@age-platform.eu

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