Ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities in the EU – EDF Human Rights Report

Human_rights_report-EDF_2019-cover In the third issue of its annual European Human Rights report Series, the European Disability Forum (EDF) takes a systematic look at equality and non-discrimination for persons with disabilities in Europe and evaluates current gaps. The document includes a review of equality frameworks in each EU Member State and a section on lmultiple and intersectional forms of discrimination. It concludes with a number of recommendations to ensure the rights to equality and non-discrimination of all Europeans with disabilities.

A section dedicated to old age and disability (p. 27) points at the frequent discrimination faced by older persons with disabilities in law and in practice, which leads to human rights violations. EDF stresses here the need to address ageism and tackle the multiple and intersectional forms of discrimination faced by older persons with disabilities, in order to safeguard their rights and ensure their full participation in society and community life.

Access the EDF publication here

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