Employment, social and health Council looks at European Semester

At their Council meeting on 9th March 2015, employment, social and health ministers approved a number of conclusions on the European Semester 2015 with respect to the modernisation of social protection systems, and on making labour markets more inclusive.

The Council held a policy debate on the employment and social policy aspects of the 2015 European Semester, looking at how to make labour market more inclusive, in particular to vulnerable groups and women and how to tackle long-term employment and youth unemployment. Ministers also highlighted the potential of digital economy and new technology, as well as the need to investment in people’s skill development and improve our social protection systems to make them adequate and sustainable. This requires an overall assessment of existing social protection arrangements and the challenges facing member states.

The Council also adopted conclusions on strategic framework on health and safety at work. The Council confirms that there is a need to improve the implementation of occupational safety and health legislation; to prevent risks to health and safety at work; and to address the challenges posed by an ageing workforce and longer working careers.

Follow this link to read the outcome of this EPSCO meeting (pdf document): https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/meetings/epsco/2015/03/st06974_en15_pdf

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