E-care service for safe living at home shows amazing results in Slovenia

AGE Slovene member ZDUS is partner in a nation-wide project aimed to promote e-care at home. Two years after the launch of the project, its outcome is more than positive.

Since 2022, the Slovene Federation of Pensioners Associations – ZDUS, has been actively involved in the nation-wide project “E-care at home”, led by Telekom Slovenije. Over the last two years, the project enabled more than 5.000 older people living on their own to use e-care service free of charge, thanks to funding from the Slovene government. The action proved to be a success as it significantly improved the quality of living and safety of the older users taking part. Indeed e-care :

  • provided immediate help to the user when he/she needs it,
  • reduced the number of complications and unnecessary deaths,
  • relieved family members or caregivers from stress and care related issues
  • reduced costs of medical and formal home care.

Each user received a free e-care package which included user-friendly equipment: an emergency phone, bracelet, mobile movement detector (all of them equipped with an SOS button), a SIM card with a mobile plan that supports unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and data transfer for the e-care service, assistance centre services available at any time, and technical support, maintenance, servicing.

About 28.604 interventions were successfully carried out and more than 97.7% of E-care users were satisfied with the assistance provided. The project received the GoDigital 2023 award for addressing an ageing society.

The project, which has currently about 4.500 users, will be running until 30 June 2025.

photo credit: ZDUS

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