COVID-19 and Human Rights Concerns for Older Persons

COVID-19_&_human_rights_concerns_for_older_persons-April20-cover Our policy paper presents the state-of-play of a reflection we have engaged with our members and external experts on how the COVID-19 pandemic and measures taken by governments affect the human rights of older persons. It highlights key issues faced in particular by older persons, in terms of access to health and social care, discrimination and social exclusion. It also includes examples of both alarming and good practices and measures.

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COVID-19: Older persons’ rights must be equally protected during the pandemic

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COVID-19 and Human Rights Concerns for Older People
(latest update: 18th May 2020)

As the situation changes rapidly, we have been regularly updating our report. An earlier version of this report (1st April 2020) can be found below. In the most recent paper, updates are highlighted in blue fonts.

Previous versions (including translations):

COVID-19 and Human Rights Concerns for Older Persons
(first version: 1st April 2020)

This first version has been translated (with the help of the automatic translation tool DeepL) in some EU languages:

FrenchGermanCatalan (translation from AGE member, FATEC)

EN (18th May 2020), EN (1st April 2020), FR, DE, CAT

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