Community of citizens breaks old age isolation in Paris


‘Paris en Compagnie’ is a community of committed citizens who are engaged to promote the mobility of older people and fight against their isolation.

Paris_en_compagnie-logo Isolation in later life is a sad reality in Paris (France), with more than 175,000 seniors living alone and being at risk of losing their autonomy. To tackle the issue, the City of Paris has supported the creation of communities of older people and volunteers who meet, help each other and create links.

The programme is accessible to everone over 65 who wish to be accompanied for a walk, a chat, to go shopping, to go to a concert, to an administrative, medical or any other appointment, and to all adults who wish to volunteer within their communities.

The project has a telephone line, a mobile application, a website and a number of “physical” locations (booths).

Visit the ‘Paris en Compagnie’ website for more information (in French)

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