CEOMA answers AGE call for national support on EU work-life balance directive

CEOMA_logo AGE has been pushing for a European directive on carers’ leave for the last couple of years, based on the experiences of our member organisations on the difficulties of being recognized as carers. In April 2017 the European Commission came forward with a proposal for a work-life balance directive which includes the right to five days of paid carer’s leave per worker and per year and the right to request flexible working arrangements in case of care for family members in need. However, the EU Member States within the Council of the European Union have already raised their concerns with the Commission’s proposal.

Answering AGE’s call for support at national level to influence the Council’s decision, our Spanish member organisation CEOMA has sent a letter to the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security. In this letter, CEOMA expresses its support to the directive on work-life balance initially proposed by the European Commission and emphasizes how important it is that carers are recognized via this European directive.

Read CEOMA’s letter here

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