Campaigns to challenge ageism in the UK and Ireland 

Two campaigns have been launched to combat ageism and age discrimination in Ireland and the UK:

“For Equality in Ageing” from the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

As part of this national awareness campaign, nine individuals from various backgrounds share personal experiences to highlight the impact of age-based discrimination.

You can engage by watching participants’ stories, using the hashtag #EndAgeism to amplify the conversation on social media.

“Age Without Limits” of the UK Centre for Ageing Better

The UK charity warns of the ‘scarring’ impact of ageism on us as we get older – on our health, job prospects and the way we live our lives with a knock-on effect on our society and the economy.

This hard-hitting campaign, campaign aims to change the way we think about ageing, namely inviting to

You can follow the campaign on social media, using @agewithoutlimit

A broader national action day will take place on 20th March 2024 with theme See and be Seen.

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