Atdal 40+ co-signs the Italian “Manifesto of Non-Hostile and Inclusive Communication”

ParoleOstili-logo Parole O_Stili is a non-profit association, founded in Trieste, Italy, in July 2017 that seeks to raise internet users’ awareness of the powerful effect of words and of the importance to choose them well and wisely, both in the real world and online. The organisation has drafted a “Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication”, underlining that “virtual is real” and that hostility expressed on the Internet can have concrete and lasting effects on people’s lives. The name plays with the Italian language: “Parole Ostili” means hostile words, but if you divide the “O” ATDAL logo from “Stili”, it becomes “Parole O_Stili” which means “Words or styles”.

AGE Italian member organisation, Atdal 40+, has co-signed the “Manifesto of Non-Hostile and Inclusive Communication”.


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