ANBO warns against a too rapid increase in state pension age in the Netherlands

ANBO logo With an increase in state pension age scheduled from 65 to 66 in 2018 and to 67 in 2021, the Netherlands is in the lead in the European Union. However AGE’s Dutch member organisation ANBO warns against the social impacts of a too rapid increase in state pension age.

People in heavy occupations do not keep working longer and long-term unemployment among older unemployed people is persistent. At the same time, the poverty among this group increases in the period before the state pension age, during which no pension is received. The perspective for this group is outright bad.

ANBO is not in favour of reversing the state pension age to 65 years, but insists on making the raising of the state pension age balanced. As ANBO director Liane den Haan argues, various studies report that employers also have problems with the rapid increase in state pension age and call for a flexibilisation of the state pension age.

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