Ageism is becoming a major topic in gerontological research


From 23rd to 26th May, the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics European Region Congress (IAGG-ER), one of the biggest European gerontological conferences, took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. Over the course of three days about 1650 scientists and practitioners from all over the globe participated in the conference.

Ageism stood out as one of the main topics. In overall 6 symposia, 2 poster presentation sessions, a special Masterclass and a variety of individual presentations more than 60 lectures were dedicated to the topic of ageism. In addition, Professor Liat Ayalon devoted her keynote speech to ageism, in which she spoke about the opportunities and challenges in creating a world for all ages. The different talks covered a wide range of topics in relation with ageism, from medication and health services, representations in the media, to law, work and to intervention and combating ageism, which illustrated how omnipresent it has become in academic research. The strong presence of the topic not only signifies how important it is to address ageism as a societal problem, but also that after 50 years the term is finally reaching the top of the gerontological agenda in Europe.

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