AGE Regranting 2023 – Discover the selected projects

Ahead of the elections of the European Parliament in 2024, AGE launched a call for proposals to align the commitments of MEP candidates to AGE proposal for a European strategy for age equality. Find out more about the three granted projects.

This call for proposals was addressed to AGE full members to:

  • organise meetings, debates, and events with older people, with political parties and MEP candidates to foster age equality, to achieve rights-based programmes for the European elections and to foster a lasting dialogue with older people’s organisations.
  • develop and disseminate communication materials around age equality, the protection of human rights and other materials underpinning the participation of older people in the campaign for the elections of the European Parliament.

Three applications were received on time, screened, evaluated and granted.

  1. CTAO-logo CTAO – The Cyprus Third Age Observatory’s project intends to gain support from 8 current and candidate MEPs in Cyprus on AGE’s manifesto, and to encourage the public to vote for candidates who support AGE’s recommendations in the upcoming European elections.

A live-streamed conference witch present candidate MEPs, 7 high-level figures from the political parties and stakeholders from Cyprus and other European countries will be financed. The event will discuss AGE recommendations for active, healthy, and dignified ageing and encourage participants to publicly adopt and commit to these recommendations.

Social media campaigns, short videos, and printed and digital leaflets will support the project’s dissemination.

Place: Cyprus

Starting date: 15/06/23. Ending date: 15/12/23.

Requested budget: 20.000EUR (4.000EUR co-funding will be brought by the member).

  1. BonumVitae-logo BonumVitae’s project, named “AGE = equal rights at all ages” intends to train and involve organisations and senior citizens in Poland in the election campaign. The project will be implemented in at least 7 regions throughout Poland, through a series of trainings on age equality intended to local leaders and a series of on-line trainings addressed to representatives of the senior community (organisations and individuals). to the training will seek to prepare them for the role of self-advocates in contacts with candidates for the European Parliament.

In autumn 2023, elections to the national Polish parliament will take place, meaning both increased public interest in the issue of public policies, and that numerous pre-election meetings will be organized by political parties and the candidates themselves. The project will exploit and support that via broad dissemination activities.

Activities will also target the 52 current Polish MEPs and promotion activities are planned to take place until the EP elections in 2024.

Place: Poland

Starting date: 15/06/23. Ending date: 14/12/23

Requested budget: 30.000EUR (6.000EUR co-funding will be brought by the member).

  1. Hellas50plus-logo Hellas50+’s project, named “VOCE- Voice of Older Citizens for Europe”, intends to encourage older persons to vote, strengthen the dialogue on the civil rights of older citizens in Europe and reduce social inequalities by bringing together MEP candidates and older citizens in view of the European Parliament elections in 2024.

The aim will be for citizens and their organisations to present issues that concern them, including the need for action at the National and the European level, and for candidates MEPs to explain how they plan to act on these issues once elected. Three small-scale meetings and a major event will be organised with the attempt to secure MEP Candidates’ commitment to support the main objectives of the project.

An awareness-raising campaign through social media and other channels, alongside printed materials will be set up.

Place: Greece

Starting date: 15/06/23. Ending date: 15/12/23).

Requested budget: 20.000EUR (4.000EUR co-funding will be brought by the member).

We wish our selected members the best of luck with their projects. We will offer them the support they may need for succeeding in their activities.

For more information on AGE regranting scheme and the selected projects, you can contact

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