AGE presents work on senior tourism in a Flemish workshop

AGE was invited by Toerismevlanderen to present its work in the field of senior tourism at the workshop ‘Toerisme met een zilveren randje‘ held in Northern Belgium on 18th April 2016.

Senior tourism is increaslingly seen as a way to support EU’s economic development while promoting ‘ageing well’ and social inclusion. AGE is promoting an age-friendly tourism, which means a tourism meeting the needs and wishes of European seniors and allowing them to enjoy their freedom of movement without any barrier. For AGE and its members, promoting senior tourism means to promote active and healthy ageing. Travelling can be an enriching experience and it provides a change in daily routine; it involves discovery, interaction with the environment, intercultural contact and social interaction.

Read more in this presentation ‘Senior tourism: in a nutshell’:


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