AGE joins NGOs’ call for strengthening recognition and inclusion of older people within the UN system

HelpAge-logo Under the leadership of HelpAge International AGE has joined more than 100 civil society organisations to welcome the recent UN Policy Brief on the impact of COVID-19 on older persons and call for a plan of action to strengthen recognition and inclusion of older people within UN system.

103 NGOs from around the world have addressed a letter to United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to congratulate him for his statement and the UN policy brief on older persons’ rights released in early May. “We welcome recognition of the multiple and significant risks older persons are facing at this time and the pandemic’s amplifying effects on pre-existing inequalities, ageism and discrimination, and challenges accessing health and social care and humanitarian assistance”, we jointly stated.

However, our joint letter also highlights some critical gaps in the UN system in relation to older people: the United Nations has no system-wide policy or strategy on ageing and older persons, no lead UN agency and no formal mechanism for collaboration between UN bodies. These gaps in UN coordination and leadership have been made more visible during the COVID-19 crisis.

To fill those gaps, we jointly call for a UN plan to uphold older persons’ rights and suggest a number of actions that should be included in that plan.

Read our joint letter here

Read also our press release: United Nations: 140 countries jointly call for respect of the rights and dignity of older people and global solidarity

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