AGE contribution to UN DESA call for NGO input

AGE contribution to UN DESA call for NGO input

In preparation of the fourth session of the Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) on ageing to be held in New York in August 2013, the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) has launched a call for NGO contributions regarding the main elements that should be included in a legal instrument on the rights of older people. AGE has submitted an answer based on previous work we have undertaken with our members and experts highlighting the need for active involvement of civil society to move forward the discussions in the OEWG.

For AGE the basis of any initiative on the rights of older people should stem from the recognition that older people should be able to enjoy their human rights and fully participate in society on an equal basis with others. An international legal instrument should not stigmatize older people as a group needing special protection but on the contrary it should aim to inspire a model of active ageing, fight ageism and age discrimination, tackle negative perceptions of ageing, recognise older people as a resource and allow them to continue contributing to society. It should aim at removing barriers to their inclusion and full enjoyment of rights as well as fight negative stereotypes, by changing attitudes and approaches to older people. The rationale for a specific human rights instrument for older persons lies in the fact that while ageing is a universal and natural human experience, ageism and age discrimination are prevailing in today’s societies and impede older persons from enjoying their rights.

Our contribution will inform the discussion in the OEWG and will demonstrate the interest of civil society and older persons to advance this dossier.

You may read AGE’s contribution here.

For more information you can contact Nena Georgantzi, Legal and Research Officer.

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