Activ84Health promotes entertaining indoor cycling in Belgian nursing homes

Google View Cycling “Activ84Health” is a virtual simulation system aimed at promoting indoor physical exercises while stimulating memories. It allows the user to virtually explore towns and the countryside while cycling on a stationary bike. You can virtually travel to any place available on Google Street View and also select a predefined route with automatic navigation. Each user has an individual profile matching his/her needs, which enables the system to take into account personal physical and cognitive abilities. The Activ84Health Explorer follows the rythmn of the cycler and also halts if he/she wishes to look around and explore the scenery.

Activ84Health logo The solution has proved to be so successful in the nursing home Witte Meren in Mol, a city in the Belgian province of Antwerp, and has also being used in another 20 nursing homes, hospitals and care structures in Belgium and in the Netherlands since April 2016.

You can read more on Activ84Health here

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