ACLAP celebrated Older Persons’ Day in southern France


In the framework of the International Day of Older Persons 2019 the French organisation ACLAP, which provides assistance to isolated older persons, set up a number of actions in a few cities in the South of France, in line with the theme of the year 2019.

Conferences-debates on the issue of ageism were organised in Aubagne, La Ciotat, Aix en Provence and Marseille. In the city of Avignon, an open door invited a wide public to discuss ageism, and in Marseille a conference at the ‘Centre de Gérontologie’, by Professor B. Michel, partner of the organisation, addressed the subject of the TAU protein and its effects on dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

At the same time, in each of these meetings and in the partner structures people, over 60 were invited during one week (from 31/09 to 6/10) to express themselves through a questionnaire. They could share their feelings about their activism in society and about their own wishes. The result of this survey is currently being examined, but overall we can say that a majority of these people enjoy their lives despite some possible difficulties in their day-to-day living.

In short, this was a successful and well-attended Older Persons’ Day in the cities where ACLAP is present.

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