Accessible Cities


I’DGO (Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors) is a multi-disciplinary consortium, partnered with AGE UK and other organisations, that is dedicated to making the outdoors accessible to all ages and abilities. By making neighbourhoods inclusive during their development and growth, persons of all ages can increase their independence and general well-being. Among their studies are “The Design of Streets with Older People in Mind” and “Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors”, both of which explore the benefits of an accessible outer environment that is easy to use and safe for older adults and persons with disabilities. For more information, visit their website.


In December 2011, the European Commission rewarded Salzburg as being an EU wide champion for accessibility.

All information about the prize as well as the different winners according to categories is available on:

It is worth notice that among the 8 cities which got a prize, two of them – i.e. Salzburg and Krakow – were partners in the AENEAS project together with AGE Platform Europe.

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