Accessible Cities in the EU

AccessCityAward2018-cover Every year the European Commission rewards Cities of over 50 000 inhabitants which work to become more accessible to their citizens. The Access City Awards recognise and celebrate the willingness, ability and efforts of European cities to become more accessible, in order to

  • guarantee equal access to fundamental rights;
  • improve the quality of life of its population and ensure that everybody – regardless of age, mobility or ability – has equal access to all the resources and pleasures cities have to offer.

For the Access City Awards 2019, a special category was opened to celebrate accessible cultural heritage. Cities with fewer than 50 000 inhabitants were able to participate in this special category, which has helped to emphasize with concrete examples how much cultural heritage can and should be accessible to everyone.

The good practices that have been gathered since 2011 are being detailed in brochures available on the website of the European Commission.

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