Nena Georgantzi

Human Rights Manager

Nena coordinates AGE’s work on human rights and discrimination. She is in charge of AGE advocacy for a UN convention on the rights of older persons and new EU legislation in the field of equality. She also follows the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the EU level, in particular the intersection between ageing and disability. Nena represents AGE at the Fundamental Rights Platform, as well as in the Council of Europe and the United Nations working groups to strengthen older people’s rights. She is also Deputy Chair of the Global Alliance on the Rights of Older Persons. 

Nena joined AGE in 2010. She has a background in law and has master degrees in human rights and social protection. She holds a PhD in Law from the National University of Ireland in Galway where she is also an Adjunct Lecturer. Nena has served as Deputy Chair of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older Persons and is the author of several reports, articles, books chapters and co-author of a book on law, ageing and ageism. 

Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish

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