A walk unites generations in Greece

On the occasion of the European Day of Solidarity between generations, AGE Greek member, ANTAMA organised a walk the unites generations on 28 April in the National Garden and the garden of the Presidential Mansion in Athens (Greece). The walk was organised with the support of the European #BEACTIVE programme developed by the Ministry of Education, Religion, and Sports through the #BeActiveHellas initiative.

More than 90 people participated. They could exchange all along the route, enjoy a musical event, and listen to stories by Giorgos Evgenikos from the oral tradition, emphasizing the importance of inclusion and respect for every generation.

While the event allowed people of different ages to share some beautiful moments together, it also aimed to raise awareness of the need to understand and embrace in our daily lives the important contribution of each generation in shaping a society where we all live better and interact harmoniously, away from stereotypes.

“Because when we grow TOGETHER, we grow better!”, recalled Antama.

photo credit: ANTAMA

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