A short video in French explains “The mechanisms of ageism”

Abounding in examples, this short video explains the mechanisms behind ageism. Produced by the Belgian association Entr’âges, the video helps better understand what ageism is.

Ageism is the unfair treatment if someone because of their age. According to the World Health Organisation, ageism comprises three dimensions: the way we think about someone because of age (stereotypes), the way we feel (prejudices), the way we act (discrimination). Entr'Ages logo

Entr’âges runs various programmes and activities to tackle ageism.

  • The video was released in November 2021. It is available on YouTube (in French) or on Facebook (with English subtitles).The project was carried out with the support of the Belgian equality body, Unia, and the collaboration of the director Marine Spaak.
  • The association intervenes in schools to explain ageism among the youngest and to encourage encounters with older people. If you wish to use the video with a group in a school, or other environment, Entr’âges can support you with other educational material.
  • The association also manages a documentation centre specialised in the themes of ageism, intergeneration, and social gerontology. Their resources include methodological support tools for the creation of intergenerational projects.

Visit the website of Entr’âges here or contact the association at: appui@entrages.be

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