A card game to raise awareness on the human rights of older people

Looking at the impact of COVID-19 policies on inequalities, the project RESISTIRÉ has developed a card-based game aiming to help protect the rights of older people.

The aim of the EU-funded research project is to find sustainable solutions to these inequalities and to strengthen societal resilience to outbreaks.

Running for 30 months until September 2023, RESISTIRÉ  has produced extensive knowledge on policy and societal responses to Covid-19, translating it into operational insights and concrete solutions. The card game is one of the innovative solutions, developed collaboratively by project partners and external experts.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

Older people’s rights are regularly undermined. A trend that was exacerbated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on the assumption that older people need protection, it has been decided for them that they should not “take risks”, for instance by taking care of their grandchildren, going shopping, or meeting other residents of the nursing home.

Raising awareness through a card game

Older people are not sufficiently aware of their rights, as well as those who feel responsible for protecting them. Against this background, RESISTIRÉ has developed a game based on postcards, to raise awareness among different groups on the human rights of older people, how to access support, and how to prevent situations like those observed during the pandemic from happening in the future, even in the absence of crises.

How does it work?

The “Right(s) now!” game cards can be printed out by anyone and used, for example, for a discussion in a nursing home, as a side activity for older people, or as a resource in an educational context.

12 cards are available in a PDF document that can be easily printed in A4 format. Simply fold/cut them in two and glue both sides. You can now start using them!  

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