2018 Smart Ageing Prize awards 3 digital projects to combat old age isolation

The AAL 2018 Smart Ageing Prize focuses on the issue of social isolation and loneliness among older adults, rewarding digital technologies that facilitate real-world interactions to improve quality of life. During the AAL Forum in September 2018, the three winners of were announced, namely:

  • KOMP : Launched by an Oslo-based start-up, KOM is a one-button computer designed to combat loneliness and isoltation in older age in facilitating communication between all generations. Family and friends can share photos, messages, and make video calls. KOMP is very easy to use and does not require any digital skill.
  • PlaceCal: is community events calendar where you can find out everything that’s happening near you, all in one place. PlaceCal collects event data from many sources and builds a partnership of local organisations, charities, social housing providers, government services, health providers, and residents.
  • Refresh by How Do I is a mobile app and content creation platform designed to build confidence and support those with memory loss to live, work and socialize more independently.

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