10 keys to effectively communicating human rights

fra-2018-effectively-communicating-human-rights-booklet-cover_en The guide published by the Fundamental Forum outlines the 10 key points that should be kept in mind when communication on human rights. Those points were raised by communicators and practitioners in various fields during FRA’s expert meetings, practitioners’ seminars and focus groups in 2017 and 2018.

  1. Tell a human story
  2. Identify issues of broader interest to the general public
  3. Trigger people’s core values
  4. Cut a long story short
  5. Get visual
  6. Embrace positivity
  7. Give your message an authentic voice
  8. Strengthen communication with media
  9. Diversify communication strategies to address different audiences
  10. Ensure sufficient resources for your communication work.

Access the full report on FRA website

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