Developing the Long-Term Care Empowerment Model

BayOfCareReport-coverThe report commissioned by the Govenment of Biscay and drafted in collaboration with AGE Platform Europe, lays the fundations of a new, empowering, accessible and quality care model that respects older people's rights, dignity and diversity. The report argues for a human rights-based approach in the design of any model of long-term care. Long-term care services should take a broader, more holistic view in which older people’s well-being and quality of life and their preferences regarding care and support are central to the design of services in line with existing human rights standards. To this end, the report and its recommendations are informed by the principles of "systems thinking" (i.e. a cohesive or holistic approach which considers the interactions and relationships between the different parts of a model), person-centered and integrated care. It also takes a life-course approach which reflects concern with promoting healthy ageing, gender and social equity.

Download the report (shorter and full versions) on the project webpage.

You can read a draft summary report here



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