Mediate - Methodology for describing the accessibility of transport in Europe

Project number: 218684
Project acronym: MEDIATE
Project full title: Methodology for describing the accessibility of transport in Europe
1 December 2008 - 30 November 2010
Duration: 24 Months
MEDIATE was a Coordination Action (CA) within the 7th Framework Programme, Theme SST-2007-3.1-01 New mobility concepts for passengers ensuring accessibility for all.


The Mediate project aimed at establishing an EU level methodology in order to describe the accessibility of the transport system (7th Framework Programme – Sustainable Surface Transport: SST).

logo_Mediate_largeThe overall objective of the project was to contribute to the development of inclusive urban transport systems with better access for all citizens, increasing public transport’s use.

The project was launched on December 2008 and ran for 2 years, promoting the participation and discussion between stakeholders – End users, local authorities, transport operators and industries, and mobility experts – at EU level.

The project assisted, with the experts’ supports, public authorities and transport operators in achieving equality measuring accessibility, making comparisons with good practice solutions and exchanging knowledge between stakeholders involved.

Within the project, an End User Platform at European level has been established and managed by AGE, in order to provide user experiences and expertise to the local authorities and transport operators.

The End User Platform (EUP) was primarily made up of representatives of European, national and local associations dealing with disabilities and reduced mobility problems.
EUP members were selected on the basis of a number of factors including their experience in this area, commitment and interest in the objectives and activities of Mediate, as well as the broadest geographic coverage.
They were asked to contribute their experience, expertise and advice to the project through dedicated meetings.
In return, they benefitted from learning about the experiences of other authorities around Europe, notably the challenges they have faced in delivering accessibility and the solutions found, and be able to influence, and had immediate access to, the tools developed within Mediate.

The Mediate End User Platform members:

• Shared knowledge about local practice and other relevant initiatives
• Defined indicators relating to public transport accessibility
• Provided local data to support the definition and validation indicators
• Contributed to their best knowledge towards the development of a self-assessment tool
• Contributed to their best knowledge to the creation of the end user portal on Mediate Website
• Contributed with relevant case studies to the good practice directory

The involvement of EUP members also aimed at creating synergies between organizations and the project itself, either disseminating relevant events, linking their initiatives with MEDIATE events and creating good practice exchange platform.

The outcomes of the End User Platform meeting during the Mediate Working Groups are available by contacting the Secretariat at AGE, writing to Ilenia Gheno and Nena Georgantzi



Joint Mediate and Access2ALL Final Conference

London on 18-19 November

The Conference  presented the findings of Mediate, a collaborative project funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme for Research.

Mediate’s aims have been to establish a common European methodology for measuring accessibility to public transport and to identify good practice in making Europe’s cities more accessible. The Conference included details of the self assessment tool which local authorities can use to plan and evaluate accessibility improvements and training in how to use the tool.

The Conference also  showcased the results of a parallel 7th Framework Project Access2All and will draw on good practice examples from other recent projects.

Discussionsl focused on key policy issues affecting public transport providers, local authorities and disabled and older people as public transport users, such as discounted fares, training staff, accessible information and conflicting needs of passengers. The future of the End User Platform was also debated in one of the sessions.


Proposals from EDF and AGE Platform Europe to DG MOVE: The Passenger Forum (March 2011)

Based on the experience of the Mediate End user Platform, AGE Platform Europe and EDF made proposals to the European Commission (DG MOVE) regarding the Passenger Forum. This joint proposition provide input in relation to how the structure of such a Forum could look like, as well as what stakeholders could be involved. In addition, a few remarks are made concerning which topics such a Forum could work on.

For any addition information, please contact Ilenia Gheno (AGE Platform Europe) 


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