Jam Today supports the creation, implementation and deployment of educational games

JamToday project logoGame jams are events typically organised for 48 hours and simultaneously conducted in different locations. They gather game developers, programmers, designers who develop an idea into an innovative solution, i.e. a game, around a specific theme. Jam Today brings together different people who are involved in the process of designing and deploying game-based approaches to learning.

Although game jams gain more and more visibility at the global level, the developed solutions do only rarely reach implementation in learning environments.

Funded by the ICT PSP programme, the thematic network JAMTODAY aims at offering a central networking hub for the sustainable implementation of learning games in Europe. Activities are organised around 3 iterations and themes.

First year will be dedicated to learning ICT, second year to adopting healthier lifestyles and third year to supporting learning of mathematics. Each year will be articulated as follows: definition of user requirements, organisation of a game jam dedicated to the year's theme, implementation in a learning environment (train the trainer approach), organisation of a festival to show case the best solutions developed. An online platform and strong dissemination activities will be implemented to ensure visibility and sustainable implementation of the games.

Particular attention will be paid to the inclusion of vulnerable groups such as children at risk and the elderly. AGE, as partner, will ensure that older persons’ needs are taken into account during the whole process. Doing so, JAMTODAY outcomes will be useable by all groups of the population.

The first game jam organised by JAMTODAY will take place in June 2014 in 7 EU countries and the results will be showcased in December 2014 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

For more information, have a look at JAMTODAY website http://www.jamtoday.eu/ and do not hesitate to contact Ophelie Durand.


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