AGE Platform Europe participated as a supporting partner in the Leonardo da Vinci programme's Consult in Europe project which developed innovative tools for the integration of senior workers in the consulting sector.

Target groups

The project's principal target groups were:

  • senior managers and heads of enterprises (45 years and over) seeking employment and able to transfer their professional competences to the Management Cconsultancy sector;
  • companies in the management consulting sector for whom access to lifelong learning is limited and who have expressed their needs in terms of the integration of competences and qualifications.


The goal of the project was to respond to the expressed needs of its target groups by developing new training products contributing to:

  • transparency of qualifications in the management consulting sector;
  • increased employment rate of seniors;
  • competitiveness of firms in the sector.


Recommendations were drafted promoting compatibility between the identified competences / qualifications and their application in concrete initiatives and their use in national and European frameworks.

A suite of training products were developed destined for the project's target groups, including supporting materials and  a training guide.

It is intended that the project results will be valorised  by making them sustainable and spreading them throughout Europe while creating a space for dialogue and action promoting networking aming relevant stakeholders to achieve transparency andrecognition of qualifications in the management consultancy sector in the EU.

The end users of the project are:

  • Lifelong learning stakeholders who are encouraged to use the innovative training products developed by the project partners, and trade unions and employers’ associations in the management consultancy sector who are in a position to disseminate and promote the use of the project results in the countries covered by the project;
  • Companies in the management consultancy sector in the EU who can benefit from the continuing training which is compatible with their economci and social sectoral constraints.


The project's partners came from nine EU Member States and included Toulouse Business School (France), SYNTEC Conseil en Management (France), IDEC (Piraeus, Greece), ESEC (Spain), UFARCO (France), NUIG (Galway, Ireland), EURelations GEIE (Italy),  CPZ-International (Slovenia), ANDORRA GROUP Ltd (UK), DARES (Romania), TEAMWORK (Romania), ICTU (Ireland), AGE Platform Europe (Brussels, Belgium) and Merlane (France).

More details

For more details, please see the project's website: or contact  Aris Chronopoulos (IDEC S.A.) at:

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