Updated Online Repository of Standards for AAL


AA2 logo smallStandardisation and interoperability are key market factors for the success of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions. Many AAL systems combine components from different domains like networks, telecommunication, home automation, medical technology and consumer electronics. These domains have specific standards that in some cases need to be adapted for AAL.

Furthermore, there are standards on ergonomics, accessibility and usability that are helpful in designing systems that can be used by all people. This results in a vast and overwhelming number of standards that are applicable to the AAL sector.

The AALIANCE2 Repository of Standards is a reference database of all standards and publicly available specifications that are of relevance for the AAL sector. The repository, which has been updated and revised in the last few months to reflect new standards, new editions of existing standards, is available online at http://nero.offis.de/projects/aaliance2/.

Access to the repository content requires a free registration by e-mail toaaliance2@offis.de 

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