Recent online events gave higher visibility to AGE’s messages on Healthy Ageing

From end June to mid-July, AGE was invited to participate to key online events to voice its key messages to promote ageing in good health.


WHO Europe virtual consultation on “United action for better health”

WHO_Europe_NSAbriefing-Jun20-MK-tweetOn 26 June, the Regional Office of the WHO for Europe held its first-ever virtual consultation with non-State actors (NSAs) as part of the open consultation process of the European Programme of Work (EPW) “United action for better health”. Maciej Kucharczyk in his capacity of upcoming AGE Secretary-General (as of 1 July), shared our views with the senior level management of the WHO Europe Office, including its new Director, Hans Kluge. Maciej highlighted AGE's work throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, including human rights concerns of older people and the situation in long-term care facilities. He called on the WHO Europe to use the forthcoming Decade of Healthy Ageing (2020-2030) as a key opportunity to raise the profile of long-term care in future reforms, while building on the lessons learned from the pandemic crisis.

Access here a short report of the event, including the video recording of the virtual consultation 

Ageing, Health and the City in Times of COVID-19

Mindmap_project-logoOn 6 July, EuroHealthNet and the partners of the MindMap EU funded project invited AGE to share its views on the impact of urban environment on the health of older people and to explore opportunities offered by urban settings to promote their wellbeing. Julia Wadoux, AGE Policy Coordinator for Health, New Technologies & Accessibility, built her intervention on the work done by AGE on age-friendly environments and the key EU and global hooks to continue promoting this agenda, notably the forthcoming Green Paper on Ageing and the Decade of Healthy Ageing.

Read here the report of the webinar   

Sharing beyond borders – New ways of care, communication and cooperation of older people along the Danube and in Europe in times of COVID-19

SharingBeyondBorders-DanubeNetworkers-Jul20-croppedOn 10 July, AGE was invited to a break out session of this conference to speak about age-friendly cities and communities. Julia Wadoux informed participants about the work carried out by AGE in this area, illustrating it with some key issues which have been gaining visibility with the COVID-19 outbreak: combatting social isolation, enhancing accessibility and reflecting on ageing in place. Dr. Heidrun Mollenkopf also delivered a key note speech during the plenary session on ageism.

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Learning from the impact of COVID-19 measures: finding the balance between physical and mental health

On 15 July, AGE addressed this key topic together with the MEP Alliance for Mental Health. Julia Wadoux shared AGE views on how much the COVID-19 outbreak has been challenging, notably because of the “homogeneisation” of older persons while the situations were very different and putting at risk specific groups in vulnerable situations, such as older persons leaving alone or in residential care, older persons at risk of abuse. On the other handside, the situation of older persons actively engaged as volunteers or providing care themselves was also not considered.   

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