International Dissemination Forum for the EU Project Pharaon: Technology at the Service of Older People


On October 7th 2021, AGE had the opportunity to share some experiences raised by older persons interacting with digital technologies. Opened by the First Vice President and Deputy of the Department of Equality and Social Welfare of the Diputación Provincial de Jaén, the International Dissemination Forum under the aegis of the Pharaon project shed lights on the many aspects affecting older people’s life in the digital era.

Together with the Ageing Lab Foundation, the European Social Network and the University of Castilla-La Mancha, among others, AGE highlighted the most pressing needs and concerns of ageing with new technologies, and stressed the effects that ageism has when internalized. Such consequences are immediately visible in the digitalized world and impacts on the quality of research and thus of life at large.

The opportunity was caught to invite participants to the SHAPES dialogue workshop on the diversity and empowerment of older people. The online event will take place on 26th October (10-13CET), sustaining a direct dialogue among older people, people with disabilities and researchers.

More information on Pharaon and on AGE involvement

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