Heidi Reynolds photoTwo months after the New Year’s celebrations: where are we with our resolutions? The i-PROGNOSIS 7th newsletter is paying tribute to community leaders that put all their energy in making the best of every day...

Follow the path of our ambassador Heidi Reynolds who is everyday engaging with her StartLivingTodayPD community around the common ambition to better live with Parkinson's disease. Read i-PROGNOSIS Newsletter #7


Rally for better health!

May you be living with the condition, have family relatives with Parkinson’s or be an healthy person convinced of the benefits of medical research for better health, rally the i-PROGNOSIS community by downloading the mobile app on Google Play Store

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The app will collect anonymised data to train an algorithm that will eventually be able to screen for Parkinson's early symptoms. The earlier you're diagnosed, the earlier you get personalised interventions that will help you sustain your quality of life!


For more information on i-PROGNOSIS:
http://age-platform.eu/project/i-prognosis or contact Estelle Huchet

For more information on AGE position on healthy ageing:


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