AGE - Contribution to the UN consultation on the right to health of older people

4 March 2011

Beginning 2011, the United Nations have launched a consultation whose objective is to prepare a report on the realization of the right to health of older persons, including the main existing challenges and best practices. AGE Platform Europe decided to submit a contribution to highlight state of play and debates at EU level. Indeed, this consultation was a good opportunity to remind challenges like age discrimination in access to prevention and healthcare, health inequalities, ageing of health workforce and reform of social protection schemes. AGE underlines as well the progress made on long-term care issues and fight against elder abuse, notably through European Project like Eustacea (a European strategy to combat elder abuse) and WeDO (a European partnership for the Well-Being and Dignity of older people). Last but not least, the AGE contribution raises awareness on the need to consider connected topic like pension, social inclusion of older people and employment of older worker to better answer to the needs of older people regarding their right to health.

AGE contribution is available here, PDF FormatWORD Format

UN Website related to the consultation:


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