AGE Annual Conference - 4 December 2014, Brussels

AGE Platform Europe's annual thematic conference will be held back to back to its General Husa President Hotel (Brussels) on 4 December 2014 in Brussels and will be open to external stakeholders (both participants and exhibitors).

This one-day conference will focus on:

  • Supporting Europe 2020 objectives on inclusive growth
  • Improving accessibility and promoting design-for-all
  • Ensuring access to quality health and long-term care for all
  • Enhancing the protection of older consumers

Click here for the agenda (version française disponible ici)

Since our budget is limited, all participants including our members have to pay registration fees to help us cover the costs of renting the meeting room, interpretation facilities and catering services. Registration fees for the conference are 150€/person. More information and the registration form will be sent in September to all AGE contacts and will be available from AGE homepage.

A fee is also charged to external stakeholders who wish to book a space in the exhibition area (in the large coffee break area):

  • 200€ for all non-for-profit entities (NGOs, public authorities, EU projects, etc.).
  • 500€ for profit-making entities

This includes an exhibition area of around 2 x 2 m. with a table (please request it) and 2 chairs.

Exhibitors get one free entry to the conference and the second at a reduced price (100€)

External stakeholders interested in registering to the conference or in booking an exhibition space can contact us at or  

Follow this link to register to the conference

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