Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing - MIPAA

MIPAA / Madrid Plan logoAdopted in 2002, the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) offers a comprehensive action plan for handling the issue of ageing in the 21st-century and for building a society for all ages. It focuses on three priority areas:

  • older persons and development;
  • advancing health and well-being into old age;  
  • ensuring enabling and supportive environments.

First global agreement

The MIPAA is the first international agreement which commits governments to linking questions of ageing to other frameworks for social and economic development and human rights. It also calls for governments to include older people in the development of the policy developement process.

Endorsed by 159 governments, the MIPAA is not legally binding and its implementation is voluntary. A participatory review of the Plan is organized every five years, in which older people's involvement is encouraged. 

Key advocacy instrument

The Madrid Plan of Action is a resourceful document for AGE work. A survey among all members of AGE will be conducted annually. This survey will help us to prepare systematic assessments of the situation of older people across the European Union. It will in particular analyse the MIPAA’s impact on socio-economic realities of older persons and the protection of their rights. 

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