Our activities in 2018

Through our management activities (WP1), we seek to:

  • Support the necessary structure (Secretariat and AGE governing bodies) and improve our internal working methods to ensure an adequate and efficient implementation of our WP2018 with the active involvement of our members
  • Expand AGE membership and improve AGE representativeness in countries with weak participation on older citizens
  • Improve AGE long-term financial independence through active search for additional suitable income from both internal and suitable external sources.

With our members and other relevant stakeholders, through our operational activities (WP2) we:

  • Promote and advance older people’s rights at EU, United Nations and Council of Europe level in line with Articles 10 and 19 TFEU
  • Monitor and influence implementation of relevant EU socio-economic policies to ensure that the rights of older women and men living in the EU are respected in line with the Art. 21 and 25 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • Ensure equal opportunities for older people at grass root level through promoting age-friendly environments and improving the concrete implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability and EU Disability Strategy with regard to older persons with disabilities
  • Mainstream gender equality in all AGE policy work in line with the EU gender equality legislation and action
  • Special focus 2018 on Longer working lives and maintaining ability to work (assessment of impact of Employment Directive 2000/78/EC)
  • BREXIT: potential impact on the portability of rights of older EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU.

Through our dissemination activities (WP3), we seek to expand the reach and impact of our work by:

  • Improving awareness and knowledge of EU and international laws protecting older people’s rights, and of older people’s concerns and expectations across the European Union and at international level
  • Promote a positive image of ageing and older people
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of age-friendly workplaces and communities to ensure equal opportunities for all

For more information on our Policy Work, please visit this webpage or contact AGE Policy Director Maciej Kucharczyk (Maciej.Kucharczyk@age-platform.eu)


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