SeniorenZentrum Krefeld registered as the first Eden facility in German-speaking countries

EdenAlternative logoGerman Senior Center 'SeniorenZentrum Krefeld' set up by Renate Wapplinger (Eden Institute Europe Vienna, managing director) and Aase Porsmose (EDEN-Alternative® coordinator Denmark) works on the basis of the Eden-Alternative® approach aims to fundamentally change the support and care of the elderly and the quality of life of all - to improve - the elderly, their families and carers. 

The Eden-Alternative® assumes that loneliness, helplessness and boredom are responsible for most of the suffering of the elderly in nursing homes and regards homes as places of human growth, in which the elderly feel at home feel and actively participates in life. Social contacts, self-determination and a more fulfilled life are encouraged. The Eden-Alternative® is ideologically independent and promotes the community of people of every age and culture.
The German center received the 2014 award ‘Best Facility in Europe’

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