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Become_a_donor-icon-largerIn societies where we live longer, the challenge is to ensure that each generation is given the conditions to grow old while realising its full potential. The future we want is that of age diverse and inclusive societies where all age groups can live together, supporting each other. But alone, we won’t be up to this task!

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Both corporate and institutional donors are welcome!

Even more so since COVID-19, older people’s associations need support to their advocacy work and community activities. Your donation will help to: 

  • Support the movement for age equality and active ageing
  • Sustain older people’s restless efforts to defend our rights, promote life-long participation in society, and provide peer-support on the ground
  • Grow the capacity of our network to bring self-advocates to the fore
  • Increase the impact of our advocacy work 


A warm thank-you to our donors for your support!

Working with like-minded allies is critical for the success of our mission. We are deeply grateful for the long-lasting and trustworthy relationship we have with our donors.

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We follow clear ethics for donations

While AGE welcomes donations from a wide range of stakeholders, and because our independence is dear to us, we only accept unrestricted donations. 

We have developed a clear Code of ethics which provides guidance and principles to be followed by our donors. Our Code of ethics is in line with the World Health Organisation’s rules for engagement with non-state actors.

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