Zivot90 contributes to Czech national action plan on ageing

The Czech government has adopted an updated version of its National Action Plan for Positive Ageing for the period 2013 - 2017, which outlines a series of measures aiming to adapt the Czech society to its population ageing.

AGE Czech member, Zivot 90, actively contributed to the drafting of this National Action Plan, namely by proposing measures to reinforce the involvement of the Czech Republic in debate on ageing at international level i.e. the UNECE Working Group on Ageing and the United Nations Open Working Group on Ageing (see page 17).. Those measures were not present in the first draft from February 2013.

The Czech Action Plan for Positive Ageing is a concrete example of what national governments can do to implement a comprehensive and integrated approach to policy making on ageing. Such plans supports AGE campaign to create and implement age-friendly environments, in particular by engaging all stakeholders working at local, regional and national levels.

Thursday 03 September 2015
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