Spanish Committee in support of a UN convention on the rights of older people

On 20 February in Madrid, HelpAge España hosted an event to officially launch a national committee in support of a UN convention on the rights of older people. The committee ‘Mesa Estatal’ is formed of 17 important civil society organisations in Spain currently working on human rights and age related issues. AGE members Confederación Española de Organizaciones de Mayores (CEOMA) and Unión Democrática de Pensionistas (UDP) are members of the group. The ‘Mesa Estatal’, besides discussing the need for a convention, aims to make older people a more visible group within the current human rights system, as well as to highlight their contributions to their families and society at a national and international level. According to their Manifesto, the development, adoption, ratification and implementation of a new convention on the rights of older people would provide a clearer legal framework and help governments, the private sector and civil society eliminate age discrimination and better protect the rights of older women and men. The Committee is open to new members and wishes to include more ageing and also human rights organisations.

For more information you may visit their website or contact Nena Georgantzi

Thursday 06 March 2014
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