BAGSO draws lessons from the pandemic in Germany

BAGSO_logoSince March 2020, the German National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations, BAGSO has been monitoring the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on older people in Germany. The organisation has contributed to overcoming the crisis in identifying problems, putting forward proposals and formulating demands.

In a recent position paper, BAGSO draws lessons from the pandemic, calling for better living conditions of older people and better preparedness for future crises.

In particular, AGE German member organisation makes the following 10 key demands:

  1. Germany has to be better prepared for crisis and emergency situations. The special living conditions of older persons must be taken into account.
  2. Gaps in the provision of municipal public services have to be closed. Senior citizen’s work and care services for older persons require a binding legal basis.
  3. Health has to be established as a guiding principle in all policy areas. Access to health promotion and prevention must be ensured even in times of crisis.
  4. Engagement and participation need reliable structures to ensure that they will not be left to chance even in times of crisis.
  5. In- and outpatient care is not sufficiently prepared for times of crisis. The care system must be fundamentally reformed.
  6. Dying with dignity must be possible in all care structures, even in times of an epidemic.
  7. The provision of access to the Internet is a part of public services. Germany needs a “Digital pact for older age”.
  8. Older persons must not be patronised. Their voice and engagement are indispensable.
  9. Legal protection of older people must be improved.
  10. Germany needs to pioneer sustainable development in order to prevent future crises. All generations are called upon to make their contribution. 

Read BAGSO's full statement (in English) 

Sunday 10 January 2021
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