Age UK reports on the 'Future of Transport in an Ageing Society'.

Future of Transport AgeUKAge UK collaborated with the International Longevity Center UK to publish a report on 'The Future of Transport in an Ageing Society'. The paper highlights the current gaps and upcoming challenges which need to be addressed in the area of transport in order to better meet the needs of UK's growing older population.

After exploring the transport difficulties faced by older people - in particular the issues related to driving in later life, use of public transport and engaging in active travel - the report reveals shortcomings mainly when it comes to filling the needs of people aged 80+, those with low incomes or living in rural areas. It also hints at key opportunities for improvement, namely through technology, increased local decision making and opportunities from volunteering.

Age UK hopes that the new UK Parliament will contribute to important improvements to transport services in the next five years.

Read more and download the report on Age UK website at: 


Monday 29 June 2015
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