50+Hellas is part of EIP AHA national alliance in Greece

50Hellas logo50+Hellas is one of the participants in the new national Greek alliance in the context of the European Innovative Partnership on Active and Healthy ageing (EIP AHA). The signatories of the partnership, are a wide range of stakeholders who are considering which measures and actions would be innovative, valuable and effective in improving healthy life expectancy and quality of life in the current Greek context.

Supported by the Greek Ministry of Health and Regional players in other EU Member States, the network is still expanding with attempts to include regional health authorities and local authorities and ensure the best use of information and communication technologies in supporting older people in need of health and medical care, especially those with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Proposals suggested so far ranges from the provision of integrated mental health services and support in more remote communities to the expansion of holistic terminal and palliative care.

For more information, please visit the website of the EIP AHE Greek network: www.eiponaha.gr/en/index.htm, or contact: tvonte@eiponaha.gr



Tuesday 20 January 2015
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