AGE Governance

AGE Platform Europe is governed by the General Assembly composed of all AGE's members, and by its elected representatives meeting in an Executive Committee and a Council of Administration.


Executive Committee members:

  • Ebbe Johansen, President (DK)
  • Fernando Martins, Vice President (PT)
  • Heidrun Mollenkopf, Vice President (DE)
  • Regine Matthijsen, Vice-President (NL)
  • Jose-Luis Tejedor, Vice President (ES)
  • Elena Weber, Secretary (E.D.E.)
  • Treasurer: Jean-Michel Hôte (FR)
  Executive Committee members are responsible for providing policy guidance and for the daily management of the Platform and the staff management.


Council of Administration members:

AGE Admin Council 2016

Full Members

National Organisations:

  • Austria: Glatz Harald
  • Belgium: Pierre-Jacques Marchal
  • Bulgaria: Todorovska Nadezhda
  • Croatia: Vrban Ines
  • Cyprus: Alexis Michaelides
  • Czech Republic: Lorman Jaroslav
  • Denmark: Johansen Ebbe
  • Estonia: Ergma Andres
  • Finland: Sundqvist Björn
  • France: Connan Claude / Bazot Bernard
  • Germany: Mollekopf Heidrun /
  • Greece: Ranga Myrto
  • Hungary:
  • Ireland: McKinney Ciaran
  • Italy: Zuluaga Camilo / Grenzi Giorgio
  • Lithuania: Gediminas Kuliesis
  • Malta: De Giovanni Anthony
  • Netherlands: Matthijsen Regine
  • Poland: Kominek Ewa / Potocka Halina
  • Portugal: Martins Fernando
  • Romania: Chioaru Gheorghe
  • Slovenia: Puhar Jožica
  • Spain: Matas de la Rica Agustina / Tejedor José Luis
  • Sweden: Rogestam Christina
  • UK: Edwards Steve / Walsh Chris

European Federations:

  •  Guaragna Sonia (FIAPA)
  •  Hallberg Leif (ESU)
  •  Tallberg Christina (NOPO)
  •  Jarré Dirk (EURAG)

European Organisations:

  • Champvert Pascal (EDE)
  • Elizabeth Sclater (OWN Europe)


Substitute Members

National Organisations:

  • Austria: Hawlicek Hilde
  • Belgium: Geerts Maddie
  • Bulgaria: Petkova Maria
  • Croatia: Višnja Fortuna
  • Cyprus: Dodou Maria
  • Czech Republic: Sokacova Linda
  • Denmark: Krogager Anne Grethe
  • Finland:Hamro-Drotz Philip
  • France: Bultez Jean-Pierre / Hôte Jean-Michel
  • Germany: Voelcker Ina / Satrapa-Schill Almut
  • Greece: Pavlidis George
  • Hungary: Patyan Laszlo
  • Ireland: Carey Liam
  • Italy: Volponi Fabio / Zaffarano Giuseppe
  • Malta: Azzopardi Moses
  • Netherlands: Marja Pijl
  • Poland: Iwanicka Elzbieta / Nowakowska Hanna
  • Portugal: Angela Dias da Silva
  • Romania: Iancu Marin
  • Slovenia: Krivec Katja
  • Spain: Maria Rosa Lunas Masnou / Landaluce Jose-Ramon
  • Sweden: Martin Engman
  • UK: Carney Gemma /

European Federations:

  • François Genelle (FIAPA)
  • van Halewijn Ghislaine (ESU)
  • Davidsen Jan (NOPO)
  • Jaap van der Spek (EURAG) 

European Organisations:

  • Elena Weber (EDE)
  • Andrea Ferenczi (OWN EUROPE)


The Council of Administration is responsible for the overall implementation of the work programme set by the General Assembly, the preparation of the annual budget and the policy decisions. I also examine the candidature files of full members or others prepared by the Accreditation Committee. 
The members of the Council of Administration represent each one of the European Countries, the European organisations, and the European Federations of older people. They are elected at the General Assembly by the organisation of their country.


Accreditation Committee: 


  • José-Luis Tejedor (SP) 
  • Jean-Michel Hôte (FR)


The Accreditation Committee is responsible for examining applications to membership. 
Applications to AGE must be sent to AGE's Secretariat at For more information, please read AGE internal rules
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